Sunday, May 18, 2014

Aboard The Boundless: The Funeral Car

It was Van Horne's dying wish that his body be carried within a special funeral car attached to The Boundless.
Crossing and re-crossing the continent on the rails he helped lay.

The funeral carriage is impregnable, welded together from plates of battleship steel, no windows, no doors. Inside is a mausoleum which contains the sarcophagus of Cornelius Van Horne -- and, rumour has it, other things of great value. When at rest in a station, a guard stands watch over the car. To make it even more inviolable, the exterior is electrified with a high voltage current. Anyone touching it would be electrocuted.
There is a key that turns the electricity on or off, and only the guard has one...
And one other person aboard The Boundless....


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